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          發布日期:2024-01-08 瀏覽次數:85 狀態:狀態
          • 展會/會議日期:2024-01-23 至 2024-01-26
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           The interplastica exhibition continues its rich history under a new brand – RUPLASTICA
          For many years, international trade fair for plastics and rubber – interplastica – represented a unique tool for business development in the polymer industry.


          Every year in January interplastica, together with the international trade fair upakovka, attracted global industry leaders to showcase current trends and innovations at one site of the Central Exhibition Complex «Expocentre».


          With this, we continue the successful history of the development of the interplastica exhibition under a new brand – RUPLASTICA with new opportunities in modern realities. 


          RUPLASTICA is a meeting place that provides a unique opportunity to see the entire polymer market value chain and discover not only new business and partnership opportunities, but also innovative, sustainable solutions that will help shape the industry of the future.