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          發布日期:2024-01-08 瀏覽次數:74 狀態:狀態
          • 展會/會議日期:2024-03-04 至 2024-03-06
          • 展館/會議地址:具體地點待更新
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          • 聯系人:廖偉權
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          • 電話:13527771738
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           Algeria is the second largest importer of plastics in primary forms in Africa & the Middle East (EUROMAP) and the largest investor in plastics and packaging technology in the Maghreb and one of the largest in Africa. (VDMA) These technology imports enable Algeria to develop and diversify its own production, increase exports and substitute imports of consumables. It is against this background, that the 8th edition of plast & printpack alger in 2024 plays an important role in raising awareness of environmentally friendly materials and packaging among the Algerian public and making the public increasingly familiar with green solutions and circular economy.